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Epona: Victorian Gothic meets Folk Horror.

‘Nothing good did ever come out the Dunchester Cut, nor the land thereabouts. Them as lives up at the big house might’ve thought otherwise once, but not no more. Not after what did happen.’ 

Was it the molecatcher or the navvies who brought it back? Neither would claim it as their own, and neither would wish to. Who would? Whatever it should be, it would seem that it finds its pleasure in the riot of the chase, and in the choosing of its particular quarry. 

Welcome to the village of Dundercott, Wiltshire. It is the spring of 1846, and the life of this small community seems set to change as the outside world of Victorian progress makes its presence felt: the railway has arrived, as has a young vicar come down from Cambridge to take up his living, and bring the light of literacy to the people. That, however, is not all that they bring, for something in the soil has stirred.  

A companion piece to Victorian gothic ghost story At Fall of Night. 

Available in Amazon Amazon Kindle or alongside three other stories in the paperback and Kindle anthology Uncanny Tales from the English Shires.

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Creepy and wonderful. This ghost story has a wonderful feeling of the 19th Century, the Roman empire, and even further back to the inchoate mysteries from which the gods themselves were formed.’ Coyote Bill, Amazon US. 

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