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A Ghost Story Omnibus Volume Two

Nine ghost stories spanning the ages from the ninth century to the present day. Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle: A Ghost Story Omnibus Volume Two.


An academic with antiquarian inclinations discovers that posthumous reputations can, at times, be rather jealously guarded. Through immersing himself in the English Civil War, has he found himself amidst another?

The Fighting Cheribatsu

Narrated by the urbane, and somewhat wistful, Sir Henry Fennick, the Second World War rages as he recollects, with some sadness, the visit of Mr and Mrs Motazuku a quarter of a century earlier, when life at Lower Chertwell Manor appeared so full of promise. Upon entering the house, his guests rekindle an unexpected, and unwelcome, presence, with a close link to both their family, and to their homeland.

Equal Shares

A will must be followed to the letter, and what at first appears to be a generous bequest, proves to have some rather disagreeable stipulations.

The Cross at Crickmead

No relic of the past is so sacred that it may not be removed to make way for the new. Abel Symonds, a young surveyor working in the Victorian Wiltshire town of Crickmead, will topple anything in pursuit of modernity and ambition. The townsfolk amongst whom he finds himself are a close bunch, liable to keep certain secrets to themselves, and content to let him do their ‘dirty work’ and suffer the consequences. A friendly voice attempts to warn him away from his proposed plan, but the will of the Fates is inexorable, and in the course of his labours he uncovers the sinister mysteries of a half-forgotten history that threaten to ensnare and destroy him.

The Bread Oven

A family’s desire to unwind during an Easter break at an idyllic Breton gîte leads to an unwitting discovery that will change their lives forever. In the vicinity of the village of Plougvillac, the past, it would seem, casts the longest and darkest of shadows, no more so than when the sun shines at its brightest.

Lord Guthlac’s Wife

A mediaeval chronicle tells the tale of how the spoils of conquest prove insufficient for a Norman lord who must have all that he desires, and the price that he pays for its acquisition.

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