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The Ghost of Scarside Beck

A Lake District ghost story whose lightness soon descends into darkness. Inspired by a strange incident in a Cumbrian village, which, thankfully for the author, lacked the element of horror that characterises this tale. 

There are places where the past and the present walk in tandem, where people and events seem to echo those who have been, but are no longer. There is something in the fabric of the buildings, in the feel of the earth, that evokes the timelessness of an eternal present, where a crossing over may occur at any moment. Scarside Beck is one such place; a Cumbrian hamlet in which the gossamer film that separates all of our yesterdays from what is now is apt to tear. Is it from the stone, or the sodden soil that this remembrance seeps, to be sensed, and felt, and yet not acknowledged by the conscious mind? There was something here, and it lingers still. I feel it. A strange sequence of events and a curious carving seem somehow to be linked, but how?

This novelette is available on Kindle and can be viewed by clicking the image above, or here. It can also be purchased as part of the paperback/Kindle anthology Uncanny Tales from the English Shires.

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Terror at the Vicarage! Enjoyed this a lot! A rather humorous little late, that did indeed manage to terrify me, as well as amuse me!’ Amazon UK customer.


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