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Agnes of Grimstone Peverell

The Ghostly Secret of Grimstone Peverell.

On a bitterly cold December day, Lionel Smallwood, a snobbish theatre critic, and his wife Frances, find themselves enjoying the wares of the Victorian Christmas market in the little-known Dorset town of Grimstone Peverell. Chilled to the marrow, they retire to the town’s minster where they are accosted by a pious and enthusiastic guide, eager to acquaint them with every aspect of its history. It soon becomes apparent that she knows a great deal about some things, yet next to nothing about that which would, to most people, seem obvious. She seems determined not to let them go, but return to London they must – Lionel has a play to review. That, at least, is his intention.

A satirical ghost story in the West Country Tales series, available as a standalone Kindle tale for 99p/99c, or as part of Anthology: Wry Out West in Kindle or paperback format. Available free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. To preview, or purchase a copy, please click either here, or on the image above.

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