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Gwydion’s Dawn

Murder, mystery and magic: a satirical journey into the occult.

Lust, mushrooms and the quest for immortality: meet Gwydion Turner, an inept, portentous, psychedelic demon raiser; a wannabe Crowley in crushed velvet. From Haight-Ashbury to Glastonbury, this eccentric figure has been known by many, but understood by few; just who, or what, is he? Is he a fraudster, or a sage? It’s for you to decide.

The people of Glastonbury know only so much, although to them he is but one of any number of unconventional characters who grace the streets of their town. For the best part of the preceding decade, he has devoted himself to the ‘Great Work’, which he now believes himself to be upon the brink of realising; an esoteric activity that many, if not most, would regard as lying beyond the bounds of sanity.

One night in September 1985, his partial disclosure of the nature of his occult obsession reveals him to be far from the harmless buffoon that people had supposed. There is, it seems, a whiff of death about the man.

A standalone novella in the West Country Tales series. To preview, or purchase a copy from Amazon, please click either here, or on the cover image above. Also available in paperback and Kindle as part of Anthology: Wry Out West alongside four other tales.

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‘Great writing and a fun read with an occult vibe.’ Gary Val Tenuta, Amazon US.

Thoroughly Fun. Fleshly raiments, am I glad to have discovered this wryly humorous mystery’. D. on Amazon UK.

‘I found it fascinating and riveting and was most upset by my kindle running out of battery just at a crucial moment!’ Mrs J. on Amazon UK.

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