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A West Country mystery with a supernatural twist.

Mark should be happy, what with a promotion and impending fatherhood in the offing, and yet all is not well. His nerves shredded by a succession of nocturnal images that flicker across the screen of his portable television set, his sense of self is beginning to disintegrate. He may be left perplexed and confused, yet that irritant of a colleague of his – Mike Pearce – seems to know something that he doesn’t. Could there be a hint of the supernatural in the mix? If so, what, if anything, does Pearce have to do with it, and what does it mean for his future?

A standalone novelette in the West Country Tales series. Available free to download for Kindle unlimited subscribers, otherwise for 99p/99c or local equivalent. To preview, or purchase a copy, please click either here, or on the image above. Also available as part of Anthology: Wry Out West alongside four other tales as a Kindle ebook, or as a paperback.

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‘Great Short. If you insist on stories having all the questions answered and a happy ending this is definitely not for you. If you want a creepy ending that leaves you wanting to throttle the author then this is definitely for you.’ Malcolm D. on Amazon UK. *****

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